Monday, April 23, 2012

Truth Masked As Lies

A man lay curled, naked in a void. Nothing but blackness surrounds him in all directions. The shell of the man cries out in desperation. For all the mistakes he has made in his pathetic life, he feels this is the worst. He uncontrollably weeps as he pounds his fists into the blackness. He picks his weary head up and stares into the never ending abyss, tears streaming. This is what its like to feel truly alone. This is truly a Hell that no man can endure and could never imagine, even in his worst nightmares.

Familiar claws caress his body. "Its ok. I forgive you," an eerie, gravely voice softly speaks. Fear suddenly grips the man's heart. He turns his head slightly to see the scarred face of his greatest adversary and life long companion. Before he can react, the manifestation lifts him up to his feet. The man jumps back and goes on the defensive. "Stop," the creature calmly commands. The broken soul doesn't listen and instead throws a flurry of punches at the being in front of him. Each punch connects, but the barbed wire skin and rusty blades protruding from the monster wounds his hands with every blow.

"Stop fighting me," the beast says unflinchingly, "haven't you noticed you can't resist me?" The man stops, looking at his bloody hands. "When you resist me all you do is cause yourself pain. Do you not see? You cannot live without me."

"I don't need you!' The man screams at the demon. "We are one and the same. Without me, you are nothing. Past experiences prove this," the monster says, reaching out a mangled claw towards the wreck in front of him. Tears continue to fall from the man's face. He knows he is too weak to continue on like this, "So what are you saying?"

"Accept me, we are on. Its time you realize this." The man reaches forth to the monster's claws reluctantly. "Good, I have and will never leave you," the manifestation explains as their bodies start to meld as one. The man screams in pain from the transmogrification of becoming the perfect being.

He is startled from his slumber from his alarm clock. He feels different, powerful. He goes about his morning routine as normal. When he takes his first step out the door, he hears, "There is much work to be done..."

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dark Vicar

"Any identifying marks?"
"Only one...the name 'Jack' carved into his chest."
"Thats not creepy at all heh whats his story?"
"Well supposedly they found him knelt down in a pool of blood inside of a church screaming. The whole congregation of about 200 people slaughtered."
"Man...thats screwed up..."
"No...whats screwed up is the fact that written in the priest's blood was "The Dark Vicar Reigns." What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"Jesus....this guy is messed up....glad he's here..."
"No joke..."

"I didn't do it...he did!" I struggled against their grip. "Shut the hell up! Get in your damn cell!" They threw me into the stone walls. I hear the metal bars slam shut. I didn't do it. At least...I can't remember doing it. Hell I don't know whats real anymore. I don't move from where I lay. Whats the point? I look up to see a shadow stand in front of me. And disappear. Damn you! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I feel cold...I guess I should sleep.
I wake to the sound of metal grinding. No! I look up to see the figure of evil standing beside me. Blood covering his face like a twisted clown's death mask. Why won't you let me rest? Laughter...he disappears.
Terror grips all that are within the asylum. I know because I hear their collective screams. I lean against the bars to see the commotion. Nothing....just insanity. The walls warp and twist. Razor bladed tentacles penetrate and grasp all within reach. Fleshy black fungus creeps along the walls. The odor is horrible. A mixture of rotten flesh and motor oil. I see the dark figure standing beside me again. Laughing. "This is all for you..." I hear in my soul. The metal screeches. A giant spider creature with a human face...the same clown face, grips the metal bars in front of me. It stares into my soul. Reality? Is this really happening? The demon rips the bars down. Guards charge into my line of sight. The razors on the demons hind legs end their existence.
I'm so the snow...Did I just escape? I see the prison in the distance. My scars bleed. 'Jack' left in the snow...I have to run. Where? I hear the roar of something inhuman behind me. I turn to look. In the distance, a giant flesh monster, The Faceless One. I run. I run until my legs are on fire. Every step I take, it gets closer. I see the giant claws gleaming in the moonlight. I find a nearby alleyway and a dumpster. I hide. Blackness.
Where am I? A bus stop? These clothes...where..."Feels good doesn't it?" I hear again in my soul. No...did....I kill? In my state of shock I step forward...into a bus. I feel my torso torn apart. This is it...this is how my pain ends...finally...
I shoot up out of bed. I hear my wife's voice trying to calm me down. It was just a nightmare...that's all it was....a nightmare...heh....heh.....I look to my beautiful wife next to me. She assures me that everything is ok. I lay my head down and smile...I am really a messed up human being ain't I?....
Barbed wire falls from the ceiling, gripping me. Hoisting me in the air. The flesh tears from my body. I cry out in pain. I look below to see the mass of mannequins dancing around my dangling body. Their eyes dripping black, mouths agape. An eerie song comes forth out of them. The shadow appears in front of me. "These are the monsters you created, Jack." did I make them? "When you killed them Jack. For me. It feels good doesn't it Jack..." I'm so sorry...."Don't be sorry liberated them...from purgatory. You gave them to me. So I can be free!" Free? Who are you? "Why Jack...I am the Dark Vicar...and thanks to you...I am no longer alone in hell. Don't you remember me Jack...we are good friends!" No I don't remember...I don't remember anything..."Let me refresh your memory." His demonic hand forced itself into my consciousness.
"Jack! Are you and George ok?"
"Yes mother I am fine...but...George isn't moving..."
A little boy stands holding a bloody hammer. A limp body next to him. "Oh dear God!" the woman screams and runs into the room. "We were playing and the man in the closet told me to hit him with the hammer, that it would help George. I didn't mean to make you cry mommy, are you mad at me?"
"No sweet baby...everything will be ok...everything will be ok...." She just repeated over and over again, rocking the child back and forth between her arms. The Faceless One watching over them.
"Now do you understand? Even at a young age, we controlled you...watched you...protected you...for this we could rise." The puppets have stopped dancing now and the Faceless One is standing in the middle of them. It grabbed the barb wire and drug me outside. "Now...that you have taken over 200 lives...the only one left to take is yours." Gallows made of bones, flesh and metal lay before me. Why is this happening to me...I haven't killed anyone....I just want to go back home! The Faceless One strung me up as the Dark Vicar laughed. The floor falls beneath me. My soul is ripped apart.

"So I hear they finally hung 'Dark Vicar Jack'."
"Yes sir they did."
"I remember when we brought him in here. He fought like hell to get out..."
"Yeah he was a beast ha ha....I'm just glad he finally got what was coming to him...all those fine people died....for some damn prophecy he believed..."
"Yeah...such a shame...well...what are we doing for lunch?"

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello World


I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore. My purpose? My destiny? My life? Its all a joke. A big fucking joke. Thank you powers that be for blessing me with this curse...ya know the one that constantly reminds me its alive and its all my fault? I can do nothing to escape his grasp and influence. Its a battle I must fight alone now. All my heroes have left. Its just me and my adversary, XX, now. I will continue to fight you with the sword of truth but I will fall. And my HP is already half drained. When I fall, no one will be there to pick me up. His chains will wrap around me and drag me to my final resting place. Asylum.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dead Earth

I stood in a field of dead grass, dust hitting my face from the light breeze. The wind picks up, trench coat whipping in the wind. I flick my cigarette into the air and it is carried away. A shadow blocks the sun from shining onto Terra Firma. I can see the fleet of attack destroyers hovering above waiting to obliterate all humans. My dog died this morning, I don't have the patience for this. This is very bad timing for something to decide to destroy my planet. I throw off my coat into the air and start to concentrate all of my energy for a preemptive strike. Dark energy surrounds my fists, purple sparks emit from my knuckles, surges of red electricity arc around my body. My eyes glow a deep crimson color. The plasma cannons start to build up power for an planet destroying blast. I can't let that happen. Not today. Not until I have had my time.

I let out a ferocious roar as I raised my hands up to the fleet. I hold nothing back. Dark bolts fly towards their intended targets, obliterating everything in their path. The plasma cannon, however, got a shot off. "Damn!" I dash to the beams intended target, burning a path to its impact point. With all my might, I jump to meet the beam mid air, concentrating all of my energy into my right fist. I throw a strike. Time stops as the combined force of my punch and the beam connect. Pain surges through my body. I don't care. I push back with everything I've got. Just when I am about to give up, the blast redirects itself towards the last few remaining ships.

I land on the ground, the dead earth is hard. My body smoldering from the immense power. I catch my coat just before it hits the ground and put it back on. As I start to walk away, I light up another death stick. The mothership crashes into the ground behind me and explodes. I don't turn. I don't flinch. I don't care. It doesn't matter that I saved this dieing planet. Nothing I accomplished today would bring my dog back. Nothing ever could.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

False Savior

I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy. The comfort of knowing the voice and presence of a caring being. He walks with me everyday. His hand on my shoulder, guiding me through my day. He says he loves me and I believe him. I trust him. The smile on my face quickly fades as I feel the claws bury themselves into my flesh. I see the smoldering rubble in front of me. The familiar voice now dark and foreboding, mixing truth with lies. I can't tell which is real. What is reality? The face in front of me representing a twisted end of the alphabet is real. I hear the words. Is this real. Pain in my gut focuses my attention. A claw raises me up, "I will never leave you." The same familiar laugh as everything goes black and I drop to my knees. Trying to grip my entrails, blood and tears mix. I see nothing around. I hear nothing. There is nothing. I find myself drifting out of consciousness.

"Wake up!" I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eternities of Fables

The warrior knew this was going to be his last battle. His full bodied, metallic power suit glistened with the light of the three red sun's reflection. His thermal vision scanned for all threats detected in the barren wasteland that used to be his hometown. His eyes burned a bright red when in this mode. It hurt his, what wasn't machine, heart to know that everything he had ever known is gone. All those he loved, dead. He can remember her face, but 1200 years and multiple reconfigurations has made him forget her name. He hates himself for this. He hates the monsters that did this to his planet even more.

A sudden boom in the distance, dust rising high into the air almost blacking out the sun. Targets appear on his HUD -- heads up display -- 100, 150. Too many for a simple soldier to keep track of. But he wasn't simple. He was a prototype super soldier that had lay dormant until a sandstorm had awakened his slumber. Humans are no more. The cataclysm wiped them all out during his period suspended animation in the Absolute Zero capsule. He no longer knows his original purpose or mission. All he knows is that he is a killing machine, therefore all that stand in front of him are the enemy and must be dealt with.

The beasts with their gnashing teeth and bone like protrusions race towards him, hungry for their next meal. The wind blows, whipping his long spike like "hair" antennae behind him. He presses a button on his wrist and a blade protrudes out from behind his wrist extending to his elbow. He does the same with the other. Unconventional enemies call for unconventional weapons. He leaps as they near him. The first target is easy, his blade cut through the beasts skull like butter. The next's head flies away from the body. In a cross sweep, three more lose there lives. He pivots the blades to face forward now as he impales two more under their chins, tossing their bodies at the other attackers. His energy reserves flash onto his HUD, 75% remaining. Enough to deal with these foes. At that moment of distraction, a legion of the demons tackle him. Feeling their teeth and claws start to break through his armor and skin, he decides to do something drastic. He engages the powerthrusters to full power, throwing the beasts off of him and launching himself in the sky. He looks down to see his foes, some dead, some wounded, many still wanting nothing more than him to die.

He presses his palms together and an electrical charge starts to build. Streaks of blue and red criss cross across his open palms as he slowly spreads them apart. An orb of pure destructive energy is now under his control. He scans a final time at all targets and marks them for death. He releases the energy and it splits of into concentrated beams heading directly for their intended target. 30% power remaining. Before he could let out a sigh of relief, a huge threat was detected directly below him. A sand worm. Biggest he has ever seen. He never intended to walk away from this so he free falls directly at the gaping maw of the gargauntuan, ferocious, monstrosity. He scans for all weak point but finds one. Its heart.

When he enters its esophagus, he slams his blades into its sides to slow his decent. The worm roars in pain at this action. He sees a pit of yellow fluid which is clearly an acid protecting the heart. He see no other way of dealing with it so he dives right in. His suit yells warnings and alerts, but he pays them no attention, he just wants to kill the things that were responsible for humanities extinction with what little life he has left. 15% power remaining. He see the heart and jabs both of his blades into it. He prys a hole open wide enough to but a nuclear grenade inside.

He unclips one from his belt and shoves it in hard enough that it will stay. 10%. He sees an edge of the beast that must lead to the out skin. He claws furiously at it. 9%. He attacks do nothing. 8%. The acid is beginning to eat through his skin, his eyes barely even work anymore. 7%. With uses what energy he has to power his thrusters to kick the damaged area. Success, the acid starts to drain along with him. 2%. He lands on the hard ground. Picking himself up, he looks at the demon ahead of him and smiles. 1%. The nuclear blast doesn't move him, but destroys all life that would have been around him. He throws his fist into the air in pure joy out of his victory over the demons who destroyed this planet. 0%.

No one will remember the struggle on this day, because they're are none to remember. The only thing left is a shell of a man born and crafted to do nothing but fight. This planet was abandoned long ago. Not even on galactic charts anymore. No explorers from other races will see him or even know his existence. Everything ends. Nothing will be remembered forever. The impacts one leaves on his world will mean nothing in time. Nothing is eternal.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Last Monster

The beast stares into the abyss below him. He hears the cries of the town behind him, wanting his death. The dragon spreads his mighty wings and lets out a mighty roar. He does this not to instill fear into the ones wanting to destroy him, but out of his own despair. He knows that this is his last night on Earth. It does not matter to the townsfolk that he is the last of his kind, a once proud race of peaceful dragons who helped their ancestors in times of need. And they will never really know the tragedy of their actions.

The beast turns to see the town and religious leaders behind him screaming, "There he is! There is the one that did this to our village. This demon killed our children, raped our women, and destroyed our homes. He must be destroyed in their memory for that is the only way we will know peace!" Deeply saddened, he looks away, back into the abyss, his grave. They are so blinded by their own sins that they have to label majestic creatures as monsters just to deal with their own guilt. Do they not understand the reasons why those things happened? That he was not the fiend they need to put down? That they themselves are the ones who killed their own children, who raped their own women, and destroyed their own homes? Humans are the true monsters. They fight over things they don't understand and intangible ideas.

He knew this was coming. All the other "monsters" had been slain in the name of "enlightenment." He turns back to face his murderers. The warriors ready with their battle axes and shields. Archers pull back on their bow strings. The leaders behind their fighters at a safe distance. He lets out another fiery roar of sadness into the sky. He can't hate them. They don't understand. He only hopes that his death will help the humans progression to real enlightenment. He truly knows, though, that after they slay the final "monster" they will soon turn on each other. Not wanting to help other monsters, they will be their own demise. He's ready now. He will give them the monster they need. His eyes glow with furious rage. He looks down at the warriors poised to strike. In a tongue the humans will never understand, the mighty dragon roars, "Forgive me my fathers, but I must die with my dignity and honor. May they understand one day what exactly they have done and maybe we will rise from the ashes to our former glory. Keep watch at the gates of the underworld, for I am coming!"

The beast charges, knocking a few of the warriors to the side, but their numbers are too many. He feels the sting of pain as their axes dig into his skin. The dragons roars in pain. Arrows pierce the thin membranes of his wings, rendering escape impossible, even though that was never an option. A spear was lodged into his eye, he feels his warm blood flowing out of every wound. The monster fights back valiantly at his attackers. Flashes and sparks flow from his nostrils and mouth as he musters the strength for a final sorrowful roar. The humans pushed him back to the edge of the abyss, he lashes out one final attack. A mighty axe finds its resting place into the dragons skull. Losing consciousness, he topples of the edge into his grave. "Please...let them remember...and learn..."

Dragon Bunnies

Something I wrote for a friend's school project

"To have power. To be feared. To show no weakness. That is a mans true goal. I am a beast with the body of a dragon and the soul of a bunny. The dragons scales are impenetrable, his eyes fierce, his stature terrifying. The dragon embraces his body and power it wields. He loves the destruction that is wrought by his mere breath. All of this, though, does nothing to fill his inner void. The soul inside is trapped. She is comforting, caring, cute, and beautiful. The dragon knows that to show any sign of his true nature would be the death of him. His enemies would use this knowledge as a weapon to bring forth his downfall. The dragons only true desire is not to be all powerful, but to only be able to show his soul to the world without sacrificing his image of a force to be reckoned with. He longs for only to show his true self without his enemies trying to force their swords into his back. For now, though, it is sadly just a dream and he must push his inner rabbit aside so he can carry on another day, even though the torment will continue till the very day he is slain."