Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tufer Origins Chapter 6: The Beginning of All Things to End

Ony will never understand why I have to do this. Hell, I don't fully understand why I must....but....there's this dark calling in my soul that drives me to this point. That drives me here. I have to have my vengeance. I can't explain it.

I sit in a tree just above my targets as the rain continues to beat down around me. I spent a long time in secret tracking them, the werewolves, and now I have them in my sights. Six of them...including him, Garou. I will make him above all the rest pay for the damage and destruction they caused. I am clearly outmatched here, but this is the best shot I have. Hearing their drunken laughter around a fire enrages me. DO THEY NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE?! Of course they don't, as I have said before, werewolves are the most evil creatures on this planet. I grip my hatchet I brought with me in my hand, it's do are die time.

I leap from my vantage point and land still in the cover of darkness. Something made me stop. Garou is talking to someone, not one of his lackeys, something else entirely. He's near the fire.

"You must find him and send him to me," I hear an otherworldly voice speak. "Of course, my master," Garou replies. Garou has a master? It doesn't matter, none of this does. I need to focus on getting to him and ending him. I edge closer to the fire, the wolve's backs to me. One is passed out near to my position. Garou turns to face the rest of his soldiers, "We have to double our efforts you lazy fucks! The Master is displeased with our current progress hunting that stupid rabbit and I blame it on you all not doing anything but pillaging. Don't forget I want him too, that asshole took my eye! I want to take his life!" Hate to disappoint you Garou, but I am taking more than your eye tonight.

I raise my hatchet up and bring it crashing down on the sleeping wolves throat. The warm life fluid spills onto my weapon. "What the hell was that?!" I hear Garou yell. "BOSS! IT'S HIM! HE'S HERE!!!" a wolf yells. Shit! I should have been a little bit sneakier! Before I can react I am surrounded. I stand my ground wielding my ax. "Fine, I'll take all you bastards on!" I furiously scream. A claw swipes at me from the right, I counter with my ax into his hand, wounding him. Another comes and I swipe the weapon at his knees. I dodge a flurry of attacks, once again acting on pure instinct. I leap backwards and put some distance in between my attackers and myself. I watch them slowly come towards me. One, two, three, four. Wait? Four? SLAM!

From behind. I wasn't paying attention. I lost sight of my main target. Garou had slipped behind me and knocked me out from behind. "Now you little shit, I am going to make you pay for what you took from me!" I was being held up by my ears. I tried to move but I couldn't. My neck had been broken by his attack. I can't feel anything besides my face. This is it. This is the end. I started to cry with what little life I had left in me. Ony, I am so sorry, I should have listened to you. I can't hear anything over the cackling of the demons. Ony, forgive me. I should have protected you. Garou drug me towards the fire. "First I kill you. Then I am going to hunt your little bitch just for fun. You failed you little shit," Garou said as he thrust my face into the fire. "BURN! HAHAHAHAHAAA!" My face started to melt off the bone. The pain was intense, but it didn't compare to the pain I felt inside know I had failed Ony.

Ony...I'm sorry.

That was the day I died. But things don't always go as planned.