Sunday, November 9, 2014

Endless Loops: Black Tendrils

I stare at the light flickering above me and all I can do is laugh. I don't know how long I've been stuck in here, but this bottle of rot gut seems to never be empty so I don't mind it so much any more. I can't feel the pain in my arms or feet anymore, much less feel anything. Except my head...that laughter continues, but I've almost gotten used to the sound. I sit up to look at the evil twitching fungus, its black tendrils still not coming into the area that is faintly lit up by the terrible lighting. That's one of the few things I've learned being in this place: The mushroom cannot be near any light source, also everything in the room changes every time the light flickers except the black mass. The bed I originally woke up in is no longer there and the door constantly shifts places. I learned that one the hard way.
Drunkenly I decided for a 2nd attempt at freedom. I had noticed that since I had been sitting completely still and silent, the fungus stopped pulsating and making any noise. Maybe my fear and frantic movements had been triggering it. Slowly rolling over on top of my stomach, I started to slowly inch my way towards the door. One arm in front of the other, pulling with my arms, and using my hips. I had watched enough movies and seen many heroes do it like this so I figured this was the correct way. I was actually getting closer to the door this time. I stopped about 3/4s of the way to look back at my 'sentry.' Still not doing anything. I held my breath and continued forward towards my escape. All I want it to leave here.
I lay motionless in front of the door, my anxiety starting to rise, because I know my next move is to stand up so I can actually get the damn thing open. I look back and can't even see anything but the light and the bottle underneath it. I decide that now us the time. I slowly get to my knees. Ok good. Now I can reach the handle. As soon as I reach out, the light flickers and I hear the laughter. Shit! I have to leave now! That's when I notice the door is gone.
I feel the burning in my legs as I turn around in horror to see black tentacles grabbing them and start to drag me through endless amounts of ooze back towards the fungus in the corner. Pain shoots completely through my body like a thousand jellyfish stinging me all at once. The warbling laughter starts to almost make words that sound like, "Endless pain. No escape." I look for anything to grab on to so that I can break free of its grasp when I notice that I am passing by the light. I reach for anything and hit the bottle, the fungus shrieks and recoils back in pain, temporarily losing its grasp just enough to get a grip on the neck of the bottle. I turn towards the tendrils on my legs and begin to smash them repeatedly with the bottle and it lets go. I frantically crawled back into the light.
And now, here I am. That had to have been a few hours ago. I can't find the strength to even begin to figure out what I am supposed to do next. But that's ok. Like I said before, this bottle never empties.

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