Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Shark and Red Cape

A vacation, that's all I needed. How did I end up here working again? His blade is long and sharp, he wields it with extreme precision, I have to be careful. I grab his arm to try to take control of the knife but his strength is uncanny. The only chance I have now is to use his foreword momentum to throw him on the ground. Shit, all I wanted was to relax.

Finally I can get away. I don't want to quit going about the path I've chosen, I just need some time to think and get my head back in the game. My last job was way too sloppy, made too many mistakes and almost got myself killed.

As I check into the cheap hotel, something on the tv behind the clerks desk piques my interest. "Excuse me Mam, can you turn that up?" "Sure!"
"Another bizarre incident has occurred surrounding the Red Cloak case. A strange letter was sent into the police department supposedly sent by the suspect this morning and we have been granted permission by the authorities to read it live on air. Keep in mind that this is also a rough translation as the original letter was written in Japanese. Parents should ask children to leave the room. The letter states;

'Tomino’s Hell

The older sister vomits blood, the younger sister spits fire. Cute Tomino spits treasured jewels. Tomino died alone and fell into hell. Hell, darkness, with no flowers. Is it Tomino’s older sister that whips? The number of red welts is worrisome. Whipping and beating and pounding, The path to eternal hell is only one way. Beg for guidance into the darkness of hell, From the golden sheep, from the nightingale. How much is left in the leather bag, Prepare for the endless journey into hell. Spring comes and into the woods and valleys, Seven turns in the dark valley of hell. In the cage is a nightingale, in the cart a sheep, In the eyes of cute Tomino are tears. Cry, nightingale, for the woods and the rain Voicing your love for your sister. The echo of your cry howls through hell, and a blood-red flower blooms. Through the seven mountains and valleys of hell, Cute Tomino travels alone. To welcome you to hell, The glimmering spikes of the needled mountain Stick fresh punctures in the flesh, As a sign to cute Tomino.'

If anyone has any information regarding this case, the police have asked you to contact....."
I quit paying attention after that. I can't get involved, I'm relaxing. That poem though...I know it...its an old urban legend. "This town is going to hell I tell ya," the old clerk mentions. I snap to and respond, "How long has this been happening...these Red Cloak attacks?" "Oh for a few months, the police think its the work of a cult. Don't let this bother your stay, other than this, our town is rather peaceful and safe." "Ha, yes Mam, thank you. Rooms this way?" "Yessir...and sir, stay away from abandoned buildings if you want to live hahahaa." "I'll try to." Crazy old coot, I like her.

Sitting in my room, I can't help but think about that broadcast. No, I'm on vacation. I'll just piddle on the internet to distract myself. I reach into my bag and see my mask, why did I bring my equipment?

After looking up random sites, I find myself drawn to looking up information about the murders in this area. Every single one of them have been in abandoned buildings, desolate locations, old parks, and strangely enough, all have been in the women's bathroom. First instinct is that this would be the work of a pervert looking for a thrill, but none of the female victims had been raped. In fact, half of the victims either had their throats slit or wind pipe crushed, suffocating them. This is too big for me to handle, but I have to do something about this.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Shark's Sting

The rain just stopped hitting my mask, finally I could light one. The rain didn't bother me since the alley behind the supermarket I chose as a meeting place provides no cover. The hours long wait with no smoke did. This was a perfect vantage point though, one entrance, two exits. The street perpendicular to the alley in front of me and behind me, a ladder to the roof where the rooftops led to my vehicle a few blocks down. My plan was flawless in my own mind.

As I finish my last smoke, the suspects arrive in a red 4x4 pickup. I grab the satchel next to me and watch as three young men stepped out. "Get a load of this faggot in the mask!" "Yer too early for Halloween!" Clearly highschool dropouts. I charge my knuckles to let them know I'm here for business, not pleasure. They seem a little startled by the electricity arcing from my hand, not enough though. "Hey man we were just..." I cut him off, "Do you have the goods?" "Yeah, man..." "Slide it over here and when I know you aren't ripping me off, I'll give you payment," I say holding up the satchel. "Wait! How do we know you aren't a cop?" "You don't but this paycheck is bigger than your fears." They look at each other for a moment and we do the exchange as planned. I watch and gauge their reactions carefully as I slip quietly to the corner where my bat was concealed.

"Aaah! What the f... is this?!" It worked, the old garter snake in the bag of 100 dollars trick. All they saw was a snake and tossed the bag, causing enough confusion for me to charge them. I take the leader out with one well placed hit. The second ,still focused on the snake was another easy takedown. I feel metal on the back of my head. Shit. I was too careless to not notice the third guy reaching for a gun. "Turn around man. You think this is a joke?" I need a plan though nothing comes to me. I face the guy with the gun, dropping the bat, hands in the air. I notice he is tweaked out of his mind, another complication. I look at his shaking arm holding the gun. That's when it hits me. "You do realize that a gun is only useful if the safety is off?" "Eh?" His moment of confusion as he looks at the gun gives me a small opening to plant an electric punch to his throat. The tweaker was so blitzed, that he didn't even realize that that specific model handgun has a trigger safety. I was lucky, too lucky.

I open the bag of dope, meth, lots of meth. I go to my bag and let the harmless snake go, leaving the money. I take into account what has happened and snap pictures for evidence. Each brick and every dollar. After this, I make my way to the roof. Once up top, I make a 911 call on an old trac phone. "Please you have to hurry," I say in my most convincing voice, "I saw some thugs in the alleyway behind the market get beat up! One of them had a gun! Looks like a bad drug deal!" "Sir, get back in your house, officers are on their way." The bait is set. Now to wait for my true target.

Ten minutes it takes the county's "finest" to show up. I lay on the roof watching, camera ready. I see them move stuff around. Two cops total with two different vehicles. I watch the one counting the drugs. He signals to the other to go to his car for something. There! SNAP! I got it. He put 3 bricks into another bag. Clearly not evidence. I keep watch. SNAP! Money going into pockets. The hubris these civil protectors have is astounding. Laughing as if they hit their own payday. I snap a few more and leave. They are too caught up in "police work" to notice. I go home and print out my evidence and wait till the next night to deliver it to the courthouse. I know the cops won't be tried, corruptions tendrils go too far up. However they now know that someone is watching.

The people say they want a hero, instead they elect corrupt officials. These public servants show that fact. I thank God that they aren't all like this. These scumbags ruin the name of those who actually want to do good. For them I feel justice, no, retribution is to be payed by bringing the evil to light. A famous vigilante once said, "The whores and politicians will look up and shout save is...and I'll whisper 'No." At first I thought it was typical comic book style writing to instill emotion. Now, with eyes opened, I understand the weight of that statement. The people need to see the lies they are fed. The true monsters of this world need to be revealed. Hopefully I can make it happen in atleast one person. Then I would know my sacrifice is for nothing. I am no hero, just a person sick of seeing this joke passed off as justice. I am The Shark.

The Shark Bites (inspired by true events)

His cellphone rings, an old friend. Not averting his eyes from the dark road, he answers. "Yeah. Just now?....On my way." He hangs up and grabs a cigarette, the flame from his lighter only illuminates his lips. This was a moment he had long been preparing for.

The man opens the trunk of his car to see his tools of destruction. A baseball bat, specially crafted gloves, Kevlar vest, Buck knife, leather trench coat, and mask. Reaches in, putting each layer of armor on. He slips his gloves on and flips a switch on the side. Sparks emit from the tazer built into his knuckles. Last he pulls the mask on, a grim sight to behold. A grimace of a shark's smile adorns the mouth in read, solid black eyes on front, dark black Mohawk protrudes from the top. Everything else is black. His weapons and gear ready, he shuts the trunk. He leans against his car for a moment to light another one up. The poison in his lungs helps focus himself on the task at hand.

He arrives at the destination the informant told about. He knows this place. A friend lives here, the informant.  He stealthly makes his way to his friends window. He knocks 3 times and the curtain peels back to frightened face of a woman. "Its me, were is he?"

She opens the door for the man. He gazes across the room and see a punk laying in his own filth "Is this him?" I ask of her. She nods with tears going to her face. "Sweety, I want you to go into your room and lock the door. Nobody is coming in there unless its me." "Yes sir."

He puts his hand over the punks mouth in case he screams. The punk wakes up to see a flash of blue then unconscious. The man scans the room to see if any was disturbed by his actions. All gone to drunken dream land. Too bad he wont be staying, he's coming with me tonight.

"Oh look it seems that have defecated and pissed all over yourself not to mention puke."
The punk dangles from the crossbeams in am old barn. Bloody and naked. A gag in his mouth. The punk is confused to what is going on.
"Robert McDervis of County Road 6, yes I have pulling your records. Seems to me that you can't keep your hands off of women. You know something Bobby, if you don't mind I call you that, there are two things I hate most in life; vegetables and scumbags who hit women." Bobby tries to resist his restraints when the masked man gets in his face. With a stern voice, "You are definitely not green and filled with vitamins, so you must be the other."

Bobby tries to scream. "No use Bobby, that's the great part of these small towns, I have Metallica blaring outside the door, so even if you could scream, people around would think that there is a damn good party going on over here. So save your strength if you want to get out of this alive. The man walks over to his bag of tricks, pulling out a knife and bat. He throws the bat down and flips open the knife, the mask outwardly showing the inner smile. "You see this knife? It was special to me. I knew it would be her for my first time." The man twirls the knife against his fingers. "You my new friend Bobby will be her first taste of blood." Bobby starts to struggle and scream. "Oh no no no have the wrong idea. I am not going to kill you. I am just going to leave you a mark to commemorate our first talk."

With that he walks over to the punks body and starts to carve a giant X across his chest. Bobby grunts as the pain is fierce. The man continues, "Now everytime you look in a mirror, you will remember me. Everytime, you force yourself onto a girl, you will remember me. Our next encounter wont be as peaceful as this one."
Done with his work the man looks at the punk. "I have eyes and ears everywhere. When they ask who are you afraid of, tell them 'The Shark.' Now its time for sleep."


The Shark left the punk across down with a not saying "Be Careful Who You Trust like this women abusing rapist. Have a good day."

He felt good. Saw the sun rise, a friend by his side. He decided to get in bed himself before he had to start his shift at 11.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Patient Update 8/31/2012

RAT has returned. I was unable to find the subject on my own so I made the call. I sent out a squad of 15 of our best soldiers to find him. Two returned. Bloody and almost lifeless. My worst fears are realized. The ones left speak in low toned gibberish. This can only mean one thing...XX has fully awakened. I pray that humanity is spared long enough that I can find him. His recent activity will hopefully give me a direction. I also have the last known coordinates of the fallen RAT. I crossed referenced the information and found that the exact spot is an abandoned farm house in a field. The subject did have a thing for cliche melodrama so it makes too much sense he would be there. Its I'm most certain he wants me to find him. He wouldn't have left a trail and survivors if some part of him didn't want to be found. The question is...who wants to be Jack reaching out to me so I can stop him? Or is it a trap? Either way I must go. RAT has proven unsuccessful so I must go in with no backup. Not the first time. Hopefully not the last. I have a link set up with my heart, if I die, then all his information will be locked. My fingers are trembling making it hard to type. Honey, I'm sorry. I won't be home tonight. Tell the boys I love them very much. I have to do what I must to either stop this monster, or die trying.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Patient Update May 12, 2012

The patient spoke to me that he has been feeling at peace and the subject, XX, has been dormant for some time. At first I thought this was a good sign, but it was also troubling because there is so much we could learn from the subject we might never observe. However, that was a week ago. It has come to my attention that the patient has gone dark for several days. Could this be our worst fears realized? As a human, my first concern is the patient's well being. My job, however, is to study the being that dwells within him and potentially stop him from coming to the surface. My greatest fear is that XX has manifested himself into our physical plane. From what we have observed, he is a terrible monster that will do anything to satiate his own desires. If this is truly what is happening, the patient's life isn't the only one at risk, so is humanity's very existence. The best possible means of eliminating this threat would be....dare I say....terminating the patient. This is what I fear most. The loss of knowledge is tragic, the loss of life is worse. I will be the one to make the I'm afraid I can't easily make. I will update as soon as more information is available.

UPDATE: Person's close to the patient have also gone dark. I have taken it upon myself to find Patient #3487, Jack. I pray that I find him before our Risk Assessment Team (RAT) does. Any information current researchers can provide to Jack's whereabouts, contact me personally. Be warned, subject might be present. Use extreme caution in dealing with the subject. This will be my last report until this matter has been resolved.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Truth Masked As Lies

A man lay curled, naked in a void. Nothing but blackness surrounds him in all directions. The shell of the man cries out in desperation. For all the mistakes he has made in his pathetic life, he feels this is the worst. He uncontrollably weeps as he pounds his fists into the blackness. He picks his weary head up and stares into the never ending abyss, tears streaming. This is what its like to feel truly alone. This is truly a Hell that no man can endure and could never imagine, even in his worst nightmares.

Familiar claws caress his body. "Its ok. I forgive you," an eerie, gravely voice softly speaks. Fear suddenly grips the man's heart. He turns his head slightly to see the scarred face of his greatest adversary and life long companion. Before he can react, the manifestation lifts him up to his feet. The man jumps back and goes on the defensive. "Stop," the creature calmly commands. The broken soul doesn't listen and instead throws a flurry of punches at the being in front of him. Each punch connects, but the barbed wire skin and rusty blades protruding from the monster wounds his hands with every blow.

"Stop fighting me," the beast says unflinchingly, "haven't you noticed you can't resist me?" The man stops, looking at his bloody hands. "When you resist me all you do is cause yourself pain. Do you not see? You cannot live without me."

"I don't need you!' The man screams at the demon. "We are one and the same. Without me, you are nothing. Past experiences prove this," the monster says, reaching out a mangled claw towards the wreck in front of him. Tears continue to fall from the man's face. He knows he is too weak to continue on like this, "So what are you saying?"

"Accept me, we are on. Its time you realize this." The man reaches forth to the monster's claws reluctantly. "Good, I have and will never leave you," the manifestation explains as their bodies start to meld as one. The man screams in pain from the transmogrification of becoming the perfect being.

He is startled from his slumber from his alarm clock. He feels different, powerful. He goes about his morning routine as normal. When he takes his first step out the door, he hears, "There is much work to be done..."

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dark Vicar

"Any identifying marks?"
"Only one...the name 'Jack' carved into his chest."
"Thats not creepy at all heh whats his story?"
"Well supposedly they found him knelt down in a pool of blood inside of a church screaming. The whole congregation of about 200 people slaughtered."
"Man...thats screwed up..."
"No...whats screwed up is the fact that written in the priest's blood was "The Dark Vicar Reigns." What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"Jesus....this guy is messed up....glad he's here..."
"No joke..."

"I didn't do it...he did!" I struggled against their grip. "Shut the hell up! Get in your damn cell!" They threw me into the stone walls. I hear the metal bars slam shut. I didn't do it. At least...I can't remember doing it. Hell I don't know whats real anymore. I don't move from where I lay. Whats the point? I look up to see a shadow stand in front of me. And disappear. Damn you! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I feel cold...I guess I should sleep.
I wake to the sound of metal grinding. No! I look up to see the figure of evil standing beside me. Blood covering his face like a twisted clown's death mask. Why won't you let me rest? Laughter...he disappears.
Terror grips all that are within the asylum. I know because I hear their collective screams. I lean against the bars to see the commotion. Nothing....just insanity. The walls warp and twist. Razor bladed tentacles penetrate and grasp all within reach. Fleshy black fungus creeps along the walls. The odor is horrible. A mixture of rotten flesh and motor oil. I see the dark figure standing beside me again. Laughing. "This is all for you..." I hear in my soul. The metal screeches. A giant spider creature with a human face...the same clown face, grips the metal bars in front of me. It stares into my soul. Reality? Is this really happening? The demon rips the bars down. Guards charge into my line of sight. The razors on the demons hind legs end their existence.
I'm so the snow...Did I just escape? I see the prison in the distance. My scars bleed. 'Jack' left in the snow...I have to run. Where? I hear the roar of something inhuman behind me. I turn to look. In the distance, a giant flesh monster, The Faceless One. I run. I run until my legs are on fire. Every step I take, it gets closer. I see the giant claws gleaming in the moonlight. I find a nearby alleyway and a dumpster. I hide. Blackness.
Where am I? A bus stop? These clothes...where..."Feels good doesn't it?" I hear again in my soul. No...did....I kill? In my state of shock I step forward...into a bus. I feel my torso torn apart. This is it...this is how my pain ends...finally...
I shoot up out of bed. I hear my wife's voice trying to calm me down. It was just a nightmare...that's all it was....a nightmare...heh....heh.....I look to my beautiful wife next to me. She assures me that everything is ok. I lay my head down and smile...I am really a messed up human being ain't I?....
Barbed wire falls from the ceiling, gripping me. Hoisting me in the air. The flesh tears from my body. I cry out in pain. I look below to see the mass of mannequins dancing around my dangling body. Their eyes dripping black, mouths agape. An eerie song comes forth out of them. The shadow appears in front of me. "These are the monsters you created, Jack." did I make them? "When you killed them Jack. For me. It feels good doesn't it Jack..." I'm so sorry...."Don't be sorry liberated them...from purgatory. You gave them to me. So I can be free!" Free? Who are you? "Why Jack...I am the Dark Vicar...and thanks to you...I am no longer alone in hell. Don't you remember me Jack...we are good friends!" No I don't remember...I don't remember anything..."Let me refresh your memory." His demonic hand forced itself into my consciousness.
"Jack! Are you and George ok?"
"Yes mother I am fine...but...George isn't moving..."
A little boy stands holding a bloody hammer. A limp body next to him. "Oh dear God!" the woman screams and runs into the room. "We were playing and the man in the closet told me to hit him with the hammer, that it would help George. I didn't mean to make you cry mommy, are you mad at me?"
"No sweet baby...everything will be ok...everything will be ok...." She just repeated over and over again, rocking the child back and forth between her arms. The Faceless One watching over them.
"Now do you understand? Even at a young age, we controlled you...watched you...protected you...for this we could rise." The puppets have stopped dancing now and the Faceless One is standing in the middle of them. It grabbed the barb wire and drug me outside. "Now...that you have taken over 200 lives...the only one left to take is yours." Gallows made of bones, flesh and metal lay before me. Why is this happening to me...I haven't killed anyone....I just want to go back home! The Faceless One strung me up as the Dark Vicar laughed. The floor falls beneath me. My soul is ripped apart.

"So I hear they finally hung 'Dark Vicar Jack'."
"Yes sir they did."
"I remember when we brought him in here. He fought like hell to get out..."
"Yeah he was a beast ha ha....I'm just glad he finally got what was coming to him...all those fine people died....for some damn prophecy he believed..."
"Yeah...such a shame...well...what are we doing for lunch?"

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello World


I don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore. My purpose? My destiny? My life? Its all a joke. A big fucking joke. Thank you powers that be for blessing me with this curse...ya know the one that constantly reminds me its alive and its all my fault? I can do nothing to escape his grasp and influence. Its a battle I must fight alone now. All my heroes have left. Its just me and my adversary, XX, now. I will continue to fight you with the sword of truth but I will fall. And my HP is already half drained. When I fall, no one will be there to pick me up. His chains will wrap around me and drag me to my final resting place. Asylum.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dead Earth

I stood in a field of dead grass, dust hitting my face from the light breeze. The wind picks up, trench coat whipping in the wind. I flick my cigarette into the air and it is carried away. A shadow blocks the sun from shining onto Terra Firma. I can see the fleet of attack destroyers hovering above waiting to obliterate all humans. My dog died this morning, I don't have the patience for this. This is very bad timing for something to decide to destroy my planet. I throw off my coat into the air and start to concentrate all of my energy for a preemptive strike. Dark energy surrounds my fists, purple sparks emit from my knuckles, surges of red electricity arc around my body. My eyes glow a deep crimson color. The plasma cannons start to build up power for an planet destroying blast. I can't let that happen. Not today. Not until I have had my time.

I let out a ferocious roar as I raised my hands up to the fleet. I hold nothing back. Dark bolts fly towards their intended targets, obliterating everything in their path. The plasma cannon, however, got a shot off. "Damn!" I dash to the beams intended target, burning a path to its impact point. With all my might, I jump to meet the beam mid air, concentrating all of my energy into my right fist. I throw a strike. Time stops as the combined force of my punch and the beam connect. Pain surges through my body. I don't care. I push back with everything I've got. Just when I am about to give up, the blast redirects itself towards the last few remaining ships.

I land on the ground, the dead earth is hard. My body smoldering from the immense power. I catch my coat just before it hits the ground and put it back on. As I start to walk away, I light up another death stick. The mothership crashes into the ground behind me and explodes. I don't turn. I don't flinch. I don't care. It doesn't matter that I saved this dieing planet. Nothing I accomplished today would bring my dog back. Nothing ever could.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

False Savior

I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy. The comfort of knowing the voice and presence of a caring being. He walks with me everyday. His hand on my shoulder, guiding me through my day. He says he loves me and I believe him. I trust him. The smile on my face quickly fades as I feel the claws bury themselves into my flesh. I see the smoldering rubble in front of me. The familiar voice now dark and foreboding, mixing truth with lies. I can't tell which is real. What is reality? The face in front of me representing a twisted end of the alphabet is real. I hear the words. Is this real. Pain in my gut focuses my attention. A claw raises me up, "I will never leave you." The same familiar laugh as everything goes black and I drop to my knees. Trying to grip my entrails, blood and tears mix. I see nothing around. I hear nothing. There is nothing. I find myself drifting out of consciousness.

"Wake up!" I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eternities of Fables

The warrior knew this was going to be his last battle. His full bodied, metallic power suit glistened with the light of the three red sun's reflection. His thermal vision scanned for all threats detected in the barren wasteland that used to be his hometown. His eyes burned a bright red when in this mode. It hurt his, what wasn't machine, heart to know that everything he had ever known is gone. All those he loved, dead. He can remember her face, but 1200 years and multiple reconfigurations has made him forget her name. He hates himself for this. He hates the monsters that did this to his planet even more.

A sudden boom in the distance, dust rising high into the air almost blacking out the sun. Targets appear on his HUD -- heads up display -- 100, 150. Too many for a simple soldier to keep track of. But he wasn't simple. He was a prototype super soldier that had lay dormant until a sandstorm had awakened his slumber. Humans are no more. The cataclysm wiped them all out during his period suspended animation in the Absolute Zero capsule. He no longer knows his original purpose or mission. All he knows is that he is a killing machine, therefore all that stand in front of him are the enemy and must be dealt with.

The beasts with their gnashing teeth and bone like protrusions race towards him, hungry for their next meal. The wind blows, whipping his long spike like "hair" antennae behind him. He presses a button on his wrist and a blade protrudes out from behind his wrist extending to his elbow. He does the same with the other. Unconventional enemies call for unconventional weapons. He leaps as they near him. The first target is easy, his blade cut through the beasts skull like butter. The next's head flies away from the body. In a cross sweep, three more lose there lives. He pivots the blades to face forward now as he impales two more under their chins, tossing their bodies at the other attackers. His energy reserves flash onto his HUD, 75% remaining. Enough to deal with these foes. At that moment of distraction, a legion of the demons tackle him. Feeling their teeth and claws start to break through his armor and skin, he decides to do something drastic. He engages the powerthrusters to full power, throwing the beasts off of him and launching himself in the sky. He looks down to see his foes, some dead, some wounded, many still wanting nothing more than him to die.

He presses his palms together and an electrical charge starts to build. Streaks of blue and red criss cross across his open palms as he slowly spreads them apart. An orb of pure destructive energy is now under his control. He scans a final time at all targets and marks them for death. He releases the energy and it splits of into concentrated beams heading directly for their intended target. 30% power remaining. Before he could let out a sigh of relief, a huge threat was detected directly below him. A sand worm. Biggest he has ever seen. He never intended to walk away from this so he free falls directly at the gaping maw of the gargauntuan, ferocious, monstrosity. He scans for all weak point but finds one. Its heart.

When he enters its esophagus, he slams his blades into its sides to slow his decent. The worm roars in pain at this action. He sees a pit of yellow fluid which is clearly an acid protecting the heart. He see no other way of dealing with it so he dives right in. His suit yells warnings and alerts, but he pays them no attention, he just wants to kill the things that were responsible for humanities extinction with what little life he has left. 15% power remaining. He see the heart and jabs both of his blades into it. He prys a hole open wide enough to but a nuclear grenade inside.

He unclips one from his belt and shoves it in hard enough that it will stay. 10%. He sees an edge of the beast that must lead to the out skin. He claws furiously at it. 9%. He attacks do nothing. 8%. The acid is beginning to eat through his skin, his eyes barely even work anymore. 7%. With uses what energy he has to power his thrusters to kick the damaged area. Success, the acid starts to drain along with him. 2%. He lands on the hard ground. Picking himself up, he looks at the demon ahead of him and smiles. 1%. The nuclear blast doesn't move him, but destroys all life that would have been around him. He throws his fist into the air in pure joy out of his victory over the demons who destroyed this planet. 0%.

No one will remember the struggle on this day, because they're are none to remember. The only thing left is a shell of a man born and crafted to do nothing but fight. This planet was abandoned long ago. Not even on galactic charts anymore. No explorers from other races will see him or even know his existence. Everything ends. Nothing will be remembered forever. The impacts one leaves on his world will mean nothing in time. Nothing is eternal.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Last Monster

The beast stares into the abyss below him. He hears the cries of the town behind him, wanting his death. The dragon spreads his mighty wings and lets out a mighty roar. He does this not to instill fear into the ones wanting to destroy him, but out of his own despair. He knows that this is his last night on Earth. It does not matter to the townsfolk that he is the last of his kind, a once proud race of peaceful dragons who helped their ancestors in times of need. And they will never really know the tragedy of their actions.

The beast turns to see the town and religious leaders behind him screaming, "There he is! There is the one that did this to our village. This demon killed our children, raped our women, and destroyed our homes. He must be destroyed in their memory for that is the only way we will know peace!" Deeply saddened, he looks away, back into the abyss, his grave. They are so blinded by their own sins that they have to label majestic creatures as monsters just to deal with their own guilt. Do they not understand the reasons why those things happened? That he was not the fiend they need to put down? That they themselves are the ones who killed their own children, who raped their own women, and destroyed their own homes? Humans are the true monsters. They fight over things they don't understand and intangible ideas.

He knew this was coming. All the other "monsters" had been slain in the name of "enlightenment." He turns back to face his murderers. The warriors ready with their battle axes and shields. Archers pull back on their bow strings. The leaders behind their fighters at a safe distance. He lets out another fiery roar of sadness into the sky. He can't hate them. They don't understand. He only hopes that his death will help the humans progression to real enlightenment. He truly knows, though, that after they slay the final "monster" they will soon turn on each other. Not wanting to help other monsters, they will be their own demise. He's ready now. He will give them the monster they need. His eyes glow with furious rage. He looks down at the warriors poised to strike. In a tongue the humans will never understand, the mighty dragon roars, "Forgive me my fathers, but I must die with my dignity and honor. May they understand one day what exactly they have done and maybe we will rise from the ashes to our former glory. Keep watch at the gates of the underworld, for I am coming!"

The beast charges, knocking a few of the warriors to the side, but their numbers are too many. He feels the sting of pain as their axes dig into his skin. The dragons roars in pain. Arrows pierce the thin membranes of his wings, rendering escape impossible, even though that was never an option. A spear was lodged into his eye, he feels his warm blood flowing out of every wound. The monster fights back valiantly at his attackers. Flashes and sparks flow from his nostrils and mouth as he musters the strength for a final sorrowful roar. The humans pushed him back to the edge of the abyss, he lashes out one final attack. A mighty axe finds its resting place into the dragons skull. Losing consciousness, he topples of the edge into his grave. "Please...let them remember...and learn..."

Dragon Bunnies

Something I wrote for a friend's school project

"To have power. To be feared. To show no weakness. That is a mans true goal. I am a beast with the body of a dragon and the soul of a bunny. The dragons scales are impenetrable, his eyes fierce, his stature terrifying. The dragon embraces his body and power it wields. He loves the destruction that is wrought by his mere breath. All of this, though, does nothing to fill his inner void. The soul inside is trapped. She is comforting, caring, cute, and beautiful. The dragon knows that to show any sign of his true nature would be the death of him. His enemies would use this knowledge as a weapon to bring forth his downfall. The dragons only true desire is not to be all powerful, but to only be able to show his soul to the world without sacrificing his image of a force to be reckoned with. He longs for only to show his true self without his enemies trying to force their swords into his back. For now, though, it is sadly just a dream and he must push his inner rabbit aside so he can carry on another day, even though the torment will continue till the very day he is slain."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rise of Tufer: Act 1

Chapter 1: Ony and Tufer

There once lived two bunnies in the great magical forest where all animals had a conscious and could speak to one another. These two bunnies were the bestest of friends. Thier names were Ony and Tufer. Tufer lived a sad existence, his father ran away when he was a baby and one day while he was nursing, a lawnmower plowed over his burrow and killed his mother and his siblings. Cold and hungry, he stumbled out and was found by the culprit. The kind farmer raised him as his own and when Tufer was strong enough, he let him go. This was when he met Ony, a nice, rather outgoing bunny. Ony sometimes went a little crazy with the other bunnies and would forget about Tufer, but Tufer was always there waiting for her return because he never wanted anything to happen to his friend. Tufer knew what it was like to feel alone and never wanted his best friend to feel what he had so thats why he hung around even when she forgot about him. Ony realized what a friend she had in Tufer and thanked him.

A year passed by and Tufer was really down from the death of the farmer during the war. A war a broke out in the magic forest because the Nazis had started their conquest of Poland and the farmer was killed when he went to the market that day to sell his vegetables. You see this is how Tufer and Ony stayed fed was because the farmer allowed them to come eat his special carrots that he had planted for them. Now that he was gone, the son took over the farm and hated the bunnies because he thought all they did was add extra expense. Tufer sat in his burrow and shed silent tears for his fallen surrogate father when Ony came in. "What is your problem Tufer? You have been sitting around and being a little bitch a lot lately." Tufer looked at her with his ears swept back. Tufer knew that the reason the farmer had went to the market that day was to get some more special carrots from the soothsayers and he felt responsible. "Ony, you could never understand," Tufer looked at her, feeling extremely hurt that she didn't even care about what he was feeling. Tufer ran outside into the storm that was brewing outside. Ony just looked at him in silence, then decided to lay on his bed and go to sleep and wait for him to come back.

Tufer went to the Doom Mountain and looked across the land. He saw the robots working in the coal mines as they did every day, he saw the phoenix fly above and crash into the sun, the frogs making love. He saw this and screamed, "DON'T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT HAS HAPPENED!!! A MAN DIED SO THAT YOU MAY ALL LIVE!!! THE FARMER DIED FIGHTING THE NAZIS WITH HIS BARE HANDS TO PROTECT US!!!" No one would know the valiant efforts of the farmer. Tufer finally decided to return back to his burrow. He saw Ony asleep in his bed, so he decided to lay on the floor instead. Ony woke up and insisted he lay next to her. Confused he lay next to her. She looked at him misty eyed, "I miss the farmer too..." She then held Tufer and their ears twisted together.

The next morning, Tufer awoke to Ony screaming, "Oh Odin! What did I do?!" and ran out of Tufer's burrow. Tufer tried to chase after her but she only screamed, "Get away from me!!!" Tufer confused stopped in his tracks. What happened that she was so upset about. All he knew was that he fell asleep last night. Nothing happened. The noise of the wyverns flying by startled him for a second and he decided it was nothing and went back inside his burrow. He thought for months what went wrong and why he couldn't find Ony. He ventured out into the great moors and found the Wendigo. He asked the Wendigo about the situation and the Wendigo said "The Great Windmill blows winds that form hurricanes. The blood spewed forth with condemn or save us. You are the catalyst of reality, once you realize the true meaning of the word, only then will you understand." Tufer was confused by this but figured what the Wendigo meant to say was let things ride out their course. Tufer went back to his burrow after having lunch with the Bumblebee he met along the way home. It was the best honey he had ever had.

When Tufer arrived at his burrow, he saw Ony there. She explained to him how she was sorry what happened and explained to him that she has a litter inside of her as they speak. She has been worried about how she was going to feed the little ones and took it out on Tufer. This was all a shock to Tufer because he didn't even know she was pregnant. She then explained the plan she figured out about how to get carrots from the farmer's son. He agreed to the plan even though it would be dangerous.

They set out the next day to get the carrots of freedom. When they finally arrived, Tufer drew a map into the sand and they preceded with the mission. Tufer bolted in and made sure the coast was clear. Ony followed him. Tufer pulled up the carrots as Ony held the bag open. After they had filled the bag. Tufer looked at Ony and gave her a smile and a pat on the shoulder, "Everything will be fine now friend." A shadow appeared behind Tufer and the singing of a blade was heard in the sky. An axe came crashing down into Tufer, splitting his skull in half as his life fluid splashed onto Ony's face. She looked at him and said, "I you will know sadness no more...." Tufer's body lay limp and covered in blood, bits of brains and skull lay around him. The shadow picked up Tufer's body and set it on fire and tossed him aside. "Thank you son of farmer," Ony said. The farmer's son looked at her, "Hey, it was all apart of the deal, you can have all the food you want, I just got to kill that little bastard for ruining my father's life." Ony stared at the flaming corpse for a second emotionless and walked away.

Ony returned to her burrow and shut the door and locked it. She did it, she fed her potential children, and got rid of that annoying Tufer that had been following her around. In her moment of bliss, she failed to see the four sets of glowing red eyes watching her in the shadows. Teeth gleaming, the werewolves made themselves known by howling and blocking the door. Ony shivered and cried out for someone to save her. Little did she know there would be nobody there...atleast not fast enough. The claws ripped through her stomach and the werewolves were delighted to see the bight sized morsels hidden inside of her. Ony screamed in pain and for her children. The werewolves laughed as they held her head and cut her eye lids open to see the horror of the forth monster feasting. After they were finished, they turned their attention to Ony. Laughing, they pulled off her ears. She was barely alive at this point. Everything was blurry and red. All she saw was a light, it was Tufer. Was he here to save her? Really it was just the reflection off of the wolves teeth. One final bite ended her hellish night.

Karma is a bitch.

Chapter 2: Tufer Rising

Hot. My flesh…it’s burning,” Tufer thought to himself. Then he rolled out of the fire he was laying in. He picked himself up at looked at his surroundings. “Where am I? This isn’t the forest,” he said to himself. The sky was a crimson color. The grass below him was golden and the dirt beneath was a bright red. The sun above was black. Tufer just accepted it as fact and progressed foreward. His throat was parched and was glad when he came to a pool of water not far from his starting location. He knelt down on all fours so he could get a drink when he noticed the reflection. What he saw was a creature with a vague resemblence to himself. The creature had the features of a bunny, but not entirely. The creature’s skull was exposed and had little to no flesh on the skull. The rest of the body was clothed in fur but charred. A split was in the middle of the skull to reveal the gray matter inside. Tufer ran his fingers inside his open wound astounded that he felt no pain. This was really him. “Am….am I in hell?” he said to himself.
“Not quiet,” a soft spoken voice said from behind him. The voice startled Tufer and he fell into the pool of water. He sank to the bottom. He was scared of drowning at first but realized he didn’t need to breathe so he hid because he was afraid of whatever was out there. He looked ahead and saw the strangest thing he had ever seen. I mean it was pretty messed up because seriously think about what Tufer was used to. Indeed it was so messed up that when anyone tries to tell what he saw, the words explode and destroy small nations. Tufer, realizing that thing was more terrifying than the voice, decided to head to the surface. When he was halfway to the top, a hand grasp him and pulled him out.
“Are you all right?!” the same voice that was attached to the hand asked. “I should be fine,” Tufer replied to the monster in front of him. The creature in front of him was a full shadow. Looked as if he could stad 9 feet tall if he stood up straight, but he stood in a crouched posture. He hands had long claws for fingers, eight spines pertrude from his back, and eight red glowing eyes on the head, massive sharp teeth line his mouth. Basically a creature nightmares are made of. The demon held out its hand to Tufer, “My name is Apollyon, what is yours?” Tufer wary of the creature shook his hand, “Tufer’s the name.” Apollyon jumped back with a shocked expression, “So it is you! I must tell Abbadon! Come, follow!” Before Tufer could respond, Apollyon grabbed him and the spines wrapped around Tufer to hold him in place. “Hold on,” Apollyon told Tufer as his body transformed into some sort of infernal motorcycle.
After the initial shock of what happened, Tufer decided to ask Apollyon where he was. “Well ya see,” Apollyon started, “this isn’t quiet Hell…not quiet Heaven…not even Purgatory. See the afterlife is kinda seperated into different planes of existence, or planets if you will, whatever makes sense to you. Humans that got it right in life go to Paradise, Heaven, what have you and the serial killers, clowns, and bank robbers go to Hell right? And if you’re Catholic you go to Purgatory and wait in line for eternity. Well…” Apollyon thought for a minute,” this is what they call Sheol; it’s for creatures like you and I that don’t belong anywhere in the afterlife. We are not supposed to have souls, but through some sort of enigma we do, and this is where we go…I know, kinda hard to grasp at first but you get used to it.” Tufer just once again accepted it as fact and moved on.
Tufer noticed in the distance a giant obelisk with four spinning blades on the sides, he noted its existence for future reference. “Alright bro, we are here,” at that moment Apollyon hit a pothole and flung Tufer into a tree, impaling him on a branch. “Be careful with him!” a deep voice rang out. A giant hand grabbed Tufer off the tree and Tufer looked down at the hole in his stomach and noticed it seal shut. “Great thing about being dead aye?” the giant in front of Tufer said. It had the stature of a tall man but made of muscle and bone, his face was a spiked skull, almost like the helmets gladiators wore. “Pleased to meet you, Great Bunny, I am Abbadon,” the giant flesh man said to Tufer, sitting him on his shoulder. “Why did you call me that?” Tufer wondered. “Wendigo told us of your coming, you are meant for great things friend,” Abbadon replied. “Who…who are you guys?” Tufer inquired. “We are the beings in charge of protecting Sheol from invaders…yeah some idiots actually try to invade this place. Makes a lot of sense I am sure…but ya know I get tired of this job…” Apollyon went on and Tufer’s mind wandered.
Tufer had forgotten about Ony in all the recent chaos. “ONY! What happened to Ony?! Did she escape?!” The two demons stared at each other for a moment, “You will know in due time what happened, friend, just know that she did escape.” Abbadon said softly. “You need rest now,” Apollyon said transforming himself into a bed. “I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that,” Tufer tried to fight back but the spines grabbed him and somehow soothed him into sleep.
Tufer awoke to see the ground moving beneath him at a high speed. He looked up and saw a harpy carrying him. It screamed at him and he passed out. He woke again to see his arms outstretched on a tree, crucified. He felt no pain so he wondered what the point was. He struggled but couldn’t move because of the railroad spikes in his arms and legs. With blurry eyes he saw a group of imps dancing around him and another tree in front of him. He strained and saw another one like himself strung to a tree. Ony! It was ONY! He saw the imps getting close to her and poked her with their giant sporks. “Get away from her NOW! I will destroy you!” Tufer struggled even harder than before. “Tufer!” a familiar voice rang out, “Tufer is that you! Please help me Tufer!” “It’s ok Ony! I am here for you, everything will be ok now! You are safe with me!” Tufer yelled as he managed to free one arm. At that moment a flaming sword fell from the sky and exploded when it hit the ground, killing most of the imps. Tufer saw two figures he recognized. “Did you think we forgot about you friend?” a booming voice rattled. “Abbadon, save Ony, I’ll be fine!” he yelled as he pulled free from the nails. Apollyon’s arms seemed to transform into guns and blasted the remaining imps around. Abaddon returned holding what was left of Ony’s body. Tufer cried and held Ony close, “Ony…what happened to you…I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you…forgive me…forgive me,” he buried his face into her shoulder. She touched his face, “It’s ok Tufer…it’s ok…” “Don’t look at me, I am a monster now,” Tufer said, hiding his face. “No…look at me, I am sorry for what I did to you…I did this to you…” Ony said tearing up. “No, it’s not your fault, I will avenge our deaths. I will find a way to get back to the forest and destroy the farmer’s son for doing this to us…” “You don’t understand, Tufer…….”
“You used me?!” Tufer yelled angrily at her. “I would have gladly given my life for you…AND I DID! AND ALL THIS FOR NOTHING! You used me just to get by, you needed me out of the way so you could get all the carrots for yourself…even made a deal with the farmer’s son for your own gain! How….how could you?! I cared for you more than you would know! And this is how you repay me?!” Tufer turned and crouched down, hiding his tears and emotion. He looked up for a second and noticed the same black obelisk in front of him with the four blades. This where Tufer died.
“Tufer, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” Ony screamed through tears. The bunny with the skull face turned to Ony and was silent for a moment before saying, “No…you are sorry for getting caught.” He turned around to walk away but stopped for a moment, “I am sorry I ever interfered in your life. Hopefully in a future life things could be different, if I can ever escape this afterlife, I will come back for you in the future and we can go about our separate ways. But until then…enjoy your stay,” he said. He then turned to Abaddon and Apollyon and nodded. The three of them left Ony and made their way towards the monolith in front of them.
“Yes, friend, this is the Great Windmill, it can send your soul back to the physical plane, but it requires a catalyst,” Abadon looked forward. “I will,” Apollyon stepped forward,” I hate this place, any sort of adventure will be a nice change.” Abaddon rested his giant hand on Apollyon’s shoulder, “Are you sure brother?” “Ofcourse bro! Come on Tufer!” Abaddon looked to the bunny and held out his sword, “Here take this, The Flame Sword of Truth, may it guide you,” the bunny took it and nodded, “And don’t worry, I will look after the girl. Now go, your destiny awaits you.”
The bunny and the demon made their way on top of the monolith. When they got to the top there was an old fish standing next to two pods. “Going to the physical realm are ye?” said the gezer. The rabbit nodded and made his way to the pod. The demon followed into the other pod. “Blood moon rise! The demon and the rodent become one! Now, for the future, souls join!” A flash of light and they were gone.
The farmer’s son looked at the fire he started and started to make his way back to the house. An explosion occurred and knocked him back. He saw a creature standing in front of him on top of the burning carcass of the bunny. The creature was solid black with red tribal markings covering his fur, floppy ears hung on his head, stood about 7 foot, claws on his massive hands, a massive tail swayed behind him. The beast beat his chest and let out a massive roar. It looked down at its own body and smiled a grim smile and laughed an evil laugh. It then focused its attention to the farmer. “I am reborn! And now I shall have my revenge on my killer!” The farmer now lay in a puddle of his own urine, “Who…are you?” The demon laughed, “I am the destroyer, the harbinger of destruction, I am death incarnate, I am the rabbit you killed! I AM THE DEATH BUNNY!”

Chapter 3: Tufer's Revenge

The farmer's son crawled backwards frantically to escape the demon that stand in front of him. He was indeed too slow. The Death Bunny stepped on his chest, digging his claws into his flesh, and smiled, baring his fangs. Death looked to the side and noticed the weapon of his demise and wielded it. "No please! Oh Odin no! Please don't kill me! I'll do anything!" the farmer's son cried. The creature formerly known as Tufer laughed and held the axe high in the air. Without hesitation, Death Bunny brought the axe down, but stopped inches from the farmer's face and a massive fart was heard throughout the land. "No," said the Death Bunny in a sadistic tone, "this is too easy for you...I am going to enjoy this." Death flipped the axe to the blunt side and hit the farmer with all his might, knocking him unconscious. The Death Bunny stood over the body for a second and looked down noticing that he was naked and his junk was hanging in the wind. "I thought I felt a breeze. I bet this bastard has something I can cover myself up with," he thought to himself as he drug the farmer's son back to the cottage.

Leaving the farmer's son in the shed, he made his way to the sleeping quarters. He kicked open the door and was ready if anyone lay sleeping inside. It was empty. He made his way to the dresser and rummaged through it. "What the hell?!" he thought to himself, nothing but women's clothes. He opened up the closet, same thing. It seemed that the farmer's son was a transvestite. "I guess this'll have to do for now," Death Bunny said as he picked up a black skirt, he tattered the end to make it look more epic. "Well that covers my junk effectively, but still not as epic as I hoped," at that moment he noticed the bright red sheets on the bed. He grabbed them and made a cloak and cape out of the sheets. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Now that I look like some sort of twisted super hero, I need a symbol." he thought for a minute and had an idea. With his claw he scratched a picture of a skull with floppy bunny ears into his chest, leaving a scar. Yes, a scar. He climbed on top of the farmer's house and stood victoriously. The wind blew violently and lighting struck a deer behind him. "This is my land now! All shall know my wrath BWAHAAHAAHAAA!!!"

Darkness, all he could see was darkness. The farmer's son grasped the earth beneath his hands and crawled forward frantically. "Where am I?" the man thought to himself. He tried not to panic, but it is kind of hard not to when a demon from the gates of Hades comes seeking revenge. "The shed," he thought. His eyes adjusted and saw the door. He made his way to the door. That instant the door burst open, knocking the farmer back against the wall behind him. "Thought you would be escaping, my dearest friend?" the figure inquired. Death walked towards the screaming man. "Oh calm down, at least die like a man even though you don't want to be!" The man made a fighting effort and threw a punch at the creature. The man's hand went aflame and landed on the floor beside them before it could connect. The bunny held a flaming sword at his side, "I give you an D for dumbass! Ha!" The man cried out and looked at his severed limb. "Don't worry about that," The Death Bunny said picking up the hand, "hold still you idiot." Using his otherworldly powers, he reattached the hand to the farmer's arm. "There good as new!" The farmer's son was amazed at such a power and looked at the bunny with a mixture of thankfulness and fear. "Please forgive me! She made me kill you! Please, I didn't know!" One blow silenced the pathetic shell of a man.

The Death Bunny looked around and tools available to him in the shed. Meat hooks dangle from the rafters, random assortment of sharp objects adorn the walls, a fireplace in the corner, all good for what plans he had. He grabbed the unconscious man and held him by the throat. He walked over to where the meat hooks were. He dropped the man below the hooks and with his other hand grabbed one of the hooks. With the precision of a surgeon he shoved the hook underneath the man's collarbone next to his left shoulder blade. The blood poured from the wound and the bunny laughed. The man awoke and screamed. "G'mornin' honey," Death taunted, doing the same with the next hook, except on the opposite side. More life fluid came forth. Death put his claws in the crimson river. He was drawn to it. The man cried and screamed for mercy. "SHUT UP!" the creature screamed, back handing the man. "What is this?" Death said as he pressed his face up against the blood. With his black tongue he licked the fluid. He felt a surge of power go through his body. He had never felt greater! He jumped back and looked at the broken man, kneeling on the ground, crying and covered in blood. A wicked grin across Death's face meant the real fun was about to start.

He hoisted the man in the air and secured the other end of the chains to keep him up. The victim screamed out again. "That's it..." Death thought. He grabbed the top of the man's head and pulled back, with his other hand he gripped the lower jaw. With extreme force he pulled down. A snap was heard, the jaw dangled from the skull. The man continued to make noise. "Stop it!" Death Bunny screamed. He shoved his hand into what was left of the mouth and gripped the base of the tongue and pulled it out. He laughed maniacally as he did so. The dark energy flowed through his veins, the blood empowered him. He didn't understand why he was getting stronger by the minute, with every drop of hemoglobin that touched him, but he didn't care either, this was fun.

After we drained the tongue of all its nutrients he turned back to the weeping man. He noticed a machete on the wall and grabbed it before walking back to the man. Without hesitation he wailed on the man's right leg repeatedly. The tears flowed from the man's eyes, as he thought of all that he was leaving behind, his wife and children. Luckily they had went to the festival that was in town, and they would not be victim to the punishment of his sins. "Wait, how did I know this?" Death thought stopping his assault for a minute. He thought about the horrible things he had just committed. This man had a family. And this all for what...revenge? Tufer would never stoop as low as this...Death smiled again, "But I'm not Tufer." One more swipe with the machete finished the leg off. He could feel the life force run out of the man. "No! It's too soon!"

He released some of his energy into the man, effectively keeping him alive until he was pleased. Bunny looked around for something else to play with and found a iron spike that was sitting in the fire. He grabbed it and stabbed the man down his spine repeatedly. This gave the bunny an idea. He walked outside for a moment.

"Why is he doing this to me," the man thought, "I'm not that bad of a person, I go to tabernacle every week? Why has Odin forsaken me this day?"

Death flew back inside and stopped in front of the dangling meat sack. "I have a surprise for your family when they get back." He took a giant claw and placed it at one side of the man stomach and penetrated the skin. He slid his claw to the other side, the man's entrails fell forth out of the wound. Death unhooked the bloody shell of a man and put him on the floor. "Now, let it be known that I will not kill you. I have given you enough of my power that you will be immortal. The only thing that can kill you is if your children take this axe and split your skull. I know this axe is heavy and your children are how are they gonna do it. I don't know...makes no difference to me BWAHAAHAAHAAAA!!!" He picked up the man and carried him outside. Two poles lay in the ground in front of them. The Death Bunny dropped the man on the ground. Ironically enough, he dropped him on an ant bed. The ants were pissed and called forth their greatest champion, Fooglsnort, and sent him inside the exposed bowls. Fooglsnort stayed an eternity in the man's stomach. The ants bit the man's face relentlessly. Death Bunny laughed and high fived the ants.

Death grabbed one of the poles and outstretched the man's hands. He inserted one end of the spike into the man's palms and drove it to where it was exposed out of the other palm, effectively keeping his hands straight out. He then took the torso of the man and slid the other pole up his spine. The man hung like a meat filled scarecrow. Death smiled at what he had done. It was good.

Chapter 4: The Call of The Wild Tufer

He had avenged his death. Tufer never felt this much joy in life, only now in the afterlife. What we he do now though. Death had know clue. He made his way back to the killing shed to gather his thoughts.

The bloody chains still dangle from the ceiling. Tufer thought for a moment and grabbed the chains. He felt a strange sensation pulse through his body at that very moment and the chains disappeared inside of him. "Heh, I love Deus Ex Machina, heh heh," Death said when he realized he had just stored the hook and chains inside of his body.

It hit him like a brick. If he had reincarnated just after he was killed, couldn't he catch the ones who killed Ony and possibly prevent her death? He bolted outside and howled as loud as he could. A raptor charged out of the woods and to Tufer's feet and bowed. "Once super powers are awesome!"

When Tufer touched the raptor, it changed. Its coloring turned from green to black with red stripes. Horns grew upon its face, and its teeth grew sharper. The eyes turned from yellow to red. He liked the effect he had on others. Tufer climbed on top of the raptor and he rode. Tufer rode as fast as the raptor could take him. He rode through space and time towards Ony's burrow. He thought to himself, "Why am I going to her aid, after the hell she has put me through." He didn't understand, but he was drawn to her. Some unknown force pulled his body to her. He could only obey because he fully did not understand his greater purpose for the moment.

He could see about ten werewolves standing outside of Ony's burrow. No telling how many were inside. He started to formulate a plan, then decided plans were stupid and to just kill as many of them he could. The Death Bunny stood all small distance from the wolves and held his hands out in front of him. Using his power he summoned forth the chains he absorbed. One out of each hand shot forth and into a straggling werewolf. The hooks penetrated the body just underneath the shoulders, blood flowed. "Get over here!" Tufer yelled and laughed to himself as he pulled the monster towards him. He timed his movements perfectly and jumped just as the wolf was underneath him, landing on it's shoulders. Tufer retracted the chains back into his body and gripped underneath the werewolf's chin and pulled upwards. The bones cracks and the wolf wimpered. "Quit cryin' ya big baby!" Tufer yelled with one final jerk, tearing the head clean from the body. He leaped towards the rest of the pack, throwing the head at one of his victims. The wolf had no time to react before Tufer had his hand in the wolf's chest. He pulled pack and revealed the heart to the werewolf. "Fatality!" Tufer screamed victoriously in the wolf's face. The Death Bunny took a giant bite out of the heart and began to eat it in front of the other wolves as the previously killed body fell to the ground. The wolves stared in shock and fear of this creature that had already killed two of their own without even trying. After devouring the heart, a surge of dark energy filled Tufer. He knew it. Evil made him stronger. The wolves closed in on Tufer, he didn't flinch. In fact, he held out his hand to shake. "It seems to me that we got off on the wrong foot friend," the wolf quizzically looked at him and confused, gripped his hand. What the wolf didn't notice was Tufer's other hand extended behind him. The Death Bunny called forth the Flaming Sword of Fire and sliced the fiend in front of him across the chest. Right in two. The blood spewed onto Tufer, giving him even more power. He spun around and looked at the remaining six. They finally decided that Tufer was a threat and commenced their attack. Laugh maniacally, Tufer leaped high into the air, sword in hand, and came crashing down into another unsuspecting foe, splitting his skull in two. Still laughing, he ran to the next victim and put his claws into the wolf's lower abdomen, and ripped his torso from his legs. The red mist bathed Tufer. He was drunk with power now. A werewolf slipped in behind Tufer and gripped his tail. Surprised, Tufer was taken to the ground by the other three. They were on top of him now. Tearing at his flesh. He was still laughing. They didn't realize how soon they would die for they were right where he wanted them. He lunged at the one closest to his face and latched onto his throat with his teeth. Sunk his teeth as far as he could into the fiends neck, and ripped a chunk out. Tufer grabbed the back of other two's heads and smashed them together, creating a loud clap because his hands hit together from the force. The Death Bunny stood, covered in crimson, laughing. The wolf with his hand on his throat cried out to Odin. Death reached inside of his throat and made scrambled eggs out of his insides. That left one last wolf standing in front of him.

Shaking and peeing all over himself, the wolf told Tufer about the other four Alpha Males inside the burrow killing the rabbit they had been stalking for awhile. Tufer held the wolf against a tree by the throat. "Please don't kill me, I'll do anything! Hey I'll be your sidekick even heh, just please don't kill me." Death thought about it for a second, then realized what was wrong with him. He smashed the wolf against the tree until there was nothing left but red, mushy, fur. Still laughing, he absorbed all of the dark energy around him as black electricity gathered around him. Tufer enjoyed this. He enjoyed killing evil creatures and beings. He loved the dark energy he gathered. He loved the power he felt. He loved being the Harbinger of Death. His whole life he searched for purpose, and now he knew. He knew that he was given this power to destroy all that's wrong with the world. But his job wasn't done here, no not yet. Not until all of the wolves were killed, and four more still resided inside of the burrow.

Tufer kicked open the door and stood holding the Flaming Sword of Truth. "Tufer!" a familiar voice shouted, followed by the sound of gnashing teeth. The biggest wolf of them all turned and looked at Tufer with a bunny carcass in his mouth. Tufer's mind snapped. All the joy he had felt instantly turned into fury. At that exact moment, he also realized why he had went to Ony's aid. Not that he necessarily felt that she needed to be avenged. The babies. The babies needed saving, every living creature deserves a chance at life. And these monsters took that away from them. The injustice inflicted upon those that couldn't even fight back is what drove Tufer come here. "YOU BASTARDS!!!" Tufer yelled. Without thinking, he struck down the wolf closest to him, cutting him to shreds. The crimson energy filled Tufer. Everything went black. Tufer now was neither himself nor Apollyon, something awakened inside of him. His body grew three times it size. The cape he wore melded with his skin and spines shot out his back in a row. His ears grew into long, sharp horns. His tail grew straighter and a blade grew from the tip. Jagged, razor sharp teeth jutted forth from his mouth. Bones creating blades came out of the top of his hands. The Death Bunny let out a massive roar that shook the burrow.

The werewolves realized they had messed up and bolted out the front door and tried to get as far away as they could. The giant demon burst forth from the burrow and charged after the fleeing victims. He caught the first one and crushed him beneath his weight. The second one didn't get far either. The tail impaled the wolf and was hoisted high in the air. The demon roared another massive roar and ate the wolf in one bite. The last alpha male was in the distance, surely far enough away. The monster leaped into the air and wings sprouted from his back and flew in the direction of the last alpha male. With a monstrous thud, the demon landed in front of his last victim. His giant red eyes stared deep within the soul of the alpha male. Tears formed as the demon breathed a blood filled breath unto the wolf. The wolf, standing his ground, was prepared to fight. To bad for him, so was the demon. In an instant, the wolf felt his body begin to tear itself apart. He looked around and noticed all of the tendrils from the demons back, inside of him. Piece by agonizing piece, he was ripped apart. The demon made sure he was alive long enough to feel the maximum amount of pain one can experience before death. After the werewolves were dead, the giant demon let out a mixture of a cry and a roar and exploded in a mass of dark energy. Blackness.

Tufer came too back in front of the burrow. He saw the bodies around him, and remembered everything, but not being able to control himself. It didn't really bother him though. He walked inside of the burrow and found Ony's lifeless, headless body. He picked it up and brought it outside. He made a small grave for her and her children. PFFFFSSSSHHHH...Tufer felt a tearing inside of his head, it started at his left temple and ended at his right. He fell to the ground still conscience, but couldn't move. "Was I just shot?" He blacked out.

He awoke to another giant wolf standing in front of him. This one was different though. It stood more straight, not hunched over like the rest of them. Also it was muscular and wore clothing. A black T-shirt with a skull, camo pants, and an eye patch. He was also smoking a cigar. A sniper rifle was in his hands. The wolf grunted and had a disgusted look on his face, "Wendigo was do have the potential..." Being fully regenerated but still weak, Tufer raised himself up, "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" The wolf turned and started to walk off. "Hey, back the fun bus hell up!" Tufer screamed as he threw a punch at the potential enemy. Without much effort, the wolf grabbed Tufer's fist and twisted it around. He looked at Tufer in the eyes, "Me and you aren't so different, but for now, back off before you get killed..." He slammed Tufer on the ground. "Dammit..." Tufer mumbled as he could barely pick himself up. "Garou...." The wolf said before he disappeared into the forest. "Wendigo....better go talk to him....I'm just...gonna rest my eyes a bit first...." Tufer slept for the first time in 4 days.

Chapter 4.5: Tufer Gaiden, Garou Part 1

A grizzled soldier stood perched on a rock holding binoculars.
" you copy?"
"Loud and clear Overlord, I'm positioned above the Nazi encampment now. Looks that there is 15 to 20. Orders?"
"....Eliminate them..."
"Orders received, will break radio silence upon mission completion."
The binoculars covered the fact that he only used one eye and covered the other with an eye-patch. He wasn't missing an eye, though. He wore one at all times so he could keep his right eye permanently adjusted to darkness for when night falls. He put the binoculars in his tactical vest and gripped the sniper rifle behind him and brought it to his front. He picked his first target. Easy kill. He lined up his shot, squeezed the trigger, PFFFSSSHHHTTT. One down. Now they were in complete disarray. Shooting in all directions. Not a single one knew Wolf's position. Even if they were to have checked the rock he was perched on, he's not there now. He slipped behind one victim and slit his throat with his combat knife. The soldiers finally realized who their enemy was and fired at Wolf. He grabbed one of the fallen Nazis MP40s and swept controlled bursts in front of him, effectively ridding him of at-least half of the platoon.

Amidst all the chaos, Wolf failed to see the soldiers slipping in behind him. The one in the lead shoved the barrel of his gun into Wolf's skull, "Festzulegen, wenn Sie nicht möchten, dass die!!!" Wolf dropped his weapon and fell to his knees, he smiled. Right were he wanted them.