Saturday, May 12, 2012

Patient Update May 12, 2012

The patient spoke to me that he has been feeling at peace and the subject, XX, has been dormant for some time. At first I thought this was a good sign, but it was also troubling because there is so much we could learn from the subject we might never observe. However, that was a week ago. It has come to my attention that the patient has gone dark for several days. Could this be our worst fears realized? As a human, my first concern is the patient's well being. My job, however, is to study the being that dwells within him and potentially stop him from coming to the surface. My greatest fear is that XX has manifested himself into our physical plane. From what we have observed, he is a terrible monster that will do anything to satiate his own desires. If this is truly what is happening, the patient's life isn't the only one at risk, so is humanity's very existence. The best possible means of eliminating this threat would be....dare I say....terminating the patient. This is what I fear most. The loss of knowledge is tragic, the loss of life is worse. I will be the one to make the I'm afraid I can't easily make. I will update as soon as more information is available.

UPDATE: Person's close to the patient have also gone dark. I have taken it upon myself to find Patient #3487, Jack. I pray that I find him before our Risk Assessment Team (RAT) does. Any information current researchers can provide to Jack's whereabouts, contact me personally. Be warned, subject might be present. Use extreme caution in dealing with the subject. This will be my last report until this matter has been resolved.

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