Friday, August 31, 2012

Patient Update 8/31/2012

RAT has returned. I was unable to find the subject on my own so I made the call. I sent out a squad of 15 of our best soldiers to find him. Two returned. Bloody and almost lifeless. My worst fears are realized. The ones left speak in low toned gibberish. This can only mean one thing...XX has fully awakened. I pray that humanity is spared long enough that I can find him. His recent activity will hopefully give me a direction. I also have the last known coordinates of the fallen RAT. I crossed referenced the information and found that the exact spot is an abandoned farm house in a field. The subject did have a thing for cliche melodrama so it makes too much sense he would be there. Its I'm most certain he wants me to find him. He wouldn't have left a trail and survivors if some part of him didn't want to be found. The question is...who wants to be Jack reaching out to me so I can stop him? Or is it a trap? Either way I must go. RAT has proven unsuccessful so I must go in with no backup. Not the first time. Hopefully not the last. I have a link set up with my heart, if I die, then all his information will be locked. My fingers are trembling making it hard to type. Honey, I'm sorry. I won't be home tonight. Tell the boys I love them very much. I have to do what I must to either stop this monster, or die trying.

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