Tuesday, April 17, 2012

False Savior

I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy. The comfort of knowing the voice and presence of a caring being. He walks with me everyday. His hand on my shoulder, guiding me through my day. He says he loves me and I believe him. I trust him. The smile on my face quickly fades as I feel the claws bury themselves into my flesh. I see the smoldering rubble in front of me. The familiar voice now dark and foreboding, mixing truth with lies. I can't tell which is real. What is reality? The face in front of me representing a twisted end of the alphabet is real. I hear the words. Is this real. Pain in my gut focuses my attention. A claw raises me up, "I will never leave you." The same familiar laugh as everything goes black and I drop to my knees. Trying to grip my entrails, blood and tears mix. I see nothing around. I hear nothing. There is nothing. I find myself drifting out of consciousness.

"Wake up!" I hear a familiar voice and it makes me happy.

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