Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dark Vicar

"Any identifying marks?"
"Only one...the name 'Jack' carved into his chest."
"Thats not creepy at all heh whats his story?"
"Well supposedly they found him knelt down in a pool of blood inside of a church screaming. The whole congregation of about 200 people slaughtered."
"Man...thats screwed up..."
"No...whats screwed up is the fact that written in the priest's blood was "The Dark Vicar Reigns." What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
"Jesus....this guy is messed up....glad he's here..."
"No joke..."

"I didn't do it...he did!" I struggled against their grip. "Shut the hell up! Get in your damn cell!" They threw me into the stone walls. I hear the metal bars slam shut. I didn't do it. At least...I can't remember doing it. Hell I don't know whats real anymore. I don't move from where I lay. Whats the point? I look up to see a shadow stand in front of me. And disappear. Damn you! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I feel cold...I guess I should sleep.
I wake to the sound of metal grinding. No! I look up to see the figure of evil standing beside me. Blood covering his face like a twisted clown's death mask. Why won't you let me rest? Laughter...he disappears.
Terror grips all that are within the asylum. I know because I hear their collective screams. I lean against the bars to see the commotion. Nothing....just insanity. The walls warp and twist. Razor bladed tentacles penetrate and grasp all within reach. Fleshy black fungus creeps along the walls. The odor is horrible. A mixture of rotten flesh and motor oil. I see the dark figure standing beside me again. Laughing. "This is all for you..." I hear in my soul. The metal screeches. A giant spider creature with a human face...the same clown face, grips the metal bars in front of me. It stares into my soul. Reality? Is this really happening? The demon rips the bars down. Guards charge into my line of sight. The razors on the demons hind legs end their existence.
I'm so the snow...Did I just escape? I see the prison in the distance. My scars bleed. 'Jack' left in the snow...I have to run. Where? I hear the roar of something inhuman behind me. I turn to look. In the distance, a giant flesh monster, The Faceless One. I run. I run until my legs are on fire. Every step I take, it gets closer. I see the giant claws gleaming in the moonlight. I find a nearby alleyway and a dumpster. I hide. Blackness.
Where am I? A bus stop? These clothes...where..."Feels good doesn't it?" I hear again in my soul. No...did....I kill? In my state of shock I step forward...into a bus. I feel my torso torn apart. This is it...this is how my pain ends...finally...
I shoot up out of bed. I hear my wife's voice trying to calm me down. It was just a nightmare...that's all it was....a nightmare...heh....heh.....I look to my beautiful wife next to me. She assures me that everything is ok. I lay my head down and smile...I am really a messed up human being ain't I?....
Barbed wire falls from the ceiling, gripping me. Hoisting me in the air. The flesh tears from my body. I cry out in pain. I look below to see the mass of mannequins dancing around my dangling body. Their eyes dripping black, mouths agape. An eerie song comes forth out of them. The shadow appears in front of me. "These are the monsters you created, Jack." did I make them? "When you killed them Jack. For me. It feels good doesn't it Jack..." I'm so sorry...."Don't be sorry liberated them...from purgatory. You gave them to me. So I can be free!" Free? Who are you? "Why Jack...I am the Dark Vicar...and thanks to you...I am no longer alone in hell. Don't you remember me Jack...we are good friends!" No I don't remember...I don't remember anything..."Let me refresh your memory." His demonic hand forced itself into my consciousness.
"Jack! Are you and George ok?"
"Yes mother I am fine...but...George isn't moving..."
A little boy stands holding a bloody hammer. A limp body next to him. "Oh dear God!" the woman screams and runs into the room. "We were playing and the man in the closet told me to hit him with the hammer, that it would help George. I didn't mean to make you cry mommy, are you mad at me?"
"No sweet baby...everything will be ok...everything will be ok...." She just repeated over and over again, rocking the child back and forth between her arms. The Faceless One watching over them.
"Now do you understand? Even at a young age, we controlled you...watched you...protected you...for this we could rise." The puppets have stopped dancing now and the Faceless One is standing in the middle of them. It grabbed the barb wire and drug me outside. "Now...that you have taken over 200 lives...the only one left to take is yours." Gallows made of bones, flesh and metal lay before me. Why is this happening to me...I haven't killed anyone....I just want to go back home! The Faceless One strung me up as the Dark Vicar laughed. The floor falls beneath me. My soul is ripped apart.

"So I hear they finally hung 'Dark Vicar Jack'."
"Yes sir they did."
"I remember when we brought him in here. He fought like hell to get out..."
"Yeah he was a beast ha ha....I'm just glad he finally got what was coming to him...all those fine people died....for some damn prophecy he believed..."
"Yeah...such a shame...well...what are we doing for lunch?"

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