Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Last Monster

The beast stares into the abyss below him. He hears the cries of the town behind him, wanting his death. The dragon spreads his mighty wings and lets out a mighty roar. He does this not to instill fear into the ones wanting to destroy him, but out of his own despair. He knows that this is his last night on Earth. It does not matter to the townsfolk that he is the last of his kind, a once proud race of peaceful dragons who helped their ancestors in times of need. And they will never really know the tragedy of their actions.

The beast turns to see the town and religious leaders behind him screaming, "There he is! There is the one that did this to our village. This demon killed our children, raped our women, and destroyed our homes. He must be destroyed in their memory for that is the only way we will know peace!" Deeply saddened, he looks away, back into the abyss, his grave. They are so blinded by their own sins that they have to label majestic creatures as monsters just to deal with their own guilt. Do they not understand the reasons why those things happened? That he was not the fiend they need to put down? That they themselves are the ones who killed their own children, who raped their own women, and destroyed their own homes? Humans are the true monsters. They fight over things they don't understand and intangible ideas.

He knew this was coming. All the other "monsters" had been slain in the name of "enlightenment." He turns back to face his murderers. The warriors ready with their battle axes and shields. Archers pull back on their bow strings. The leaders behind their fighters at a safe distance. He lets out another fiery roar of sadness into the sky. He can't hate them. They don't understand. He only hopes that his death will help the humans progression to real enlightenment. He truly knows, though, that after they slay the final "monster" they will soon turn on each other. Not wanting to help other monsters, they will be their own demise. He's ready now. He will give them the monster they need. His eyes glow with furious rage. He looks down at the warriors poised to strike. In a tongue the humans will never understand, the mighty dragon roars, "Forgive me my fathers, but I must die with my dignity and honor. May they understand one day what exactly they have done and maybe we will rise from the ashes to our former glory. Keep watch at the gates of the underworld, for I am coming!"

The beast charges, knocking a few of the warriors to the side, but their numbers are too many. He feels the sting of pain as their axes dig into his skin. The dragons roars in pain. Arrows pierce the thin membranes of his wings, rendering escape impossible, even though that was never an option. A spear was lodged into his eye, he feels his warm blood flowing out of every wound. The monster fights back valiantly at his attackers. Flashes and sparks flow from his nostrils and mouth as he musters the strength for a final sorrowful roar. The humans pushed him back to the edge of the abyss, he lashes out one final attack. A mighty axe finds its resting place into the dragons skull. Losing consciousness, he topples of the edge into his grave. "Please...let them remember...and learn..."

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