Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tufer Origins Chapter 1

"I have to find her. I need to see tell her that I am ok. That I am back. That everything will be fine now. But....but will she even recognize me?" I see my own reflection in a water puddle at my feet. A broken shell of the bunny I once was. A skull now replacing a smiling face I once had. Burning yellow orbs sunken into eye sockets. What fur I still had was warped and charred black from the flames of Sheol. The only familiar feature I still possess is my floppy drooping behind my head from being soaked.

Wrapped in my own thoughts, I forget about the torrential rain that has been here since I arrived. I brought it with me. I have become something different, just nigh of a god in this realm now. I finally have the power to accomplish what I wanted so much back then, but does it really matter anymore? Will revenge change anything? Will it end my rage? My guilt? Her grief? With each thought, the rain beats my skull harder than before. Flashes light up the sky, thunder shakes the ground I stand on.

My old burrow was not far from where I stood. I know she is in there, I can feel her presence, her sorrow. I could hear her voice, "Why Tufer? Why did you have to go through with this? Why couldn't you just let it go? Your hate....your consumed you. I couldn't bear to see what it had done to you...I shouldn't have let you leave that night. I should have stopped you, I should have comforted you. I miss you so much, Tufer. Its all my fault that you aren't here now...forgive me..."

"No...nothing is your fault, Ony, I am to blame," is what I want to tell her. I can't....I can't let her see what I have become. If she saw the monster that I am now, her grief would only grow exponentially. I shouldn't have come back here. My mind is conflicted now, I don't know if I can continue my original mission. "You think you are insignificant my small, rabbit friend, but you are destined for much greater things if only you accept it," I was told before my resurrection on this plane. I need to focus on that, fulfilling my destiny. I turn my back on the burrow, to Ony, to my past. I have to use my rage, my pain, to fuel the destruction of the evils of this world...and every world. I can still hear her cries.

"Dammit Tufer! Just go back to her! Fulfill your destiny later! This is the real reason you came back!"

Before I could react, I felt something strong hoist me up from behind, binding my arms behind me. I struggle against whatever creature is holding me, but it is much too strong, and my body too small to break free of it's grasp. "Look alive guys! I got us a fighter here!" The voice behind me growled. Three figures appeared in front of me, growling and laughing. Werewolves, the foulest creatures of this world. "Get your fucking hands off of me!" I desperately scream, for what reason I don't know. They stepped closer to me, I could feel their breath,"Oh I just love it when they resist! Bahahaha!"
"What the hell is wrong with this one? Its disgusting!"
"When have you ever cared what anything looked like? I saw that troll you brought back to your cave with you last night, bitch was hideous! This is just food!"
"What did you just say, mate?!"
"ENOUGH!" A voice roared from behind the three in front of me. "Shut the hell up and let me take a look at our prey!" The three whimpered and backed off, then I could see the alpha. He was massive....and missing an eye. "No," I thought as fear gripped my heart. A surge of rage flowed through me. A force pulsed from my body. "The fu...!" The one who had been restraining me suddenly dropped me, startled by the sudden energy burst. It can't be him. Not now. Not here!

My eyes now burning with hate, I can feel my body changing, taking it's purer form. Like a living shadow, the dark energy envelopes my whole body, covering every exposed 'weakness' like sinful armor. I grow in size, the same height as my assailants, the same ones now cowering in fear, except for their leader who stands unflinchingly in front of me. "YOU!" Of every thought, every emotion, that was all that could come from my mouth, "YOU BASTARD!" Standing with his arms crossed and smirking, "Do we know each other, friend?" With another burst of raw, hate filled energy, my transformation is complete. I look my foe in the eye, " did this to me...All of my pain! Everything I have done in my life! ALL OF IT! YOU CAUSE ALL OF IT! YOU ARE THE BASTARD THAT KILLED HIM! YOU...YOU KILLED ME!"

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