Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hate Post Filled Rage Rant

I'm trying this out for once in my life, just ranting at nothing in particular. Here it goes.

I am a creature filled mostly with rage and hate. I have never since I was a child been able to control my emotions in a healthy way, hence why I am trying this out. What exactly do I hate? Nothing and everything. "Oh I'm just being overdramatic," maybe I am, in fact I know I am, but fuck you. This is my moment, my page, I have the floor, I'll be a 5 year old if I want.

Its not a hidden fact that I have gone through and dealt with some shit in my short life so far, but here's the thing, in some fucked up way it has made me stronger, but also I am not a god and it wears on me constantly. Here is the Hate Load I am about to spew. I NEVER HAVE COMPARED MY LIFE TO ANYONE ELSES. I make one joke ever and it's "Waaah I had a bone come out my leg," when someone complains that they hurt themselves. If any of you ever thought I ever truly meant that in a hurtful manner, I am sorry, really, because one thing I hate the most is people who One Up someone about anything.

"Oh you got $50 well I got $100," well congradufuckinglations. I was just simply telling a story and I didn't realize I was in the presence of fucking royalty and should keep my peasant mouth shut because I'll never be on your level.

Yes that was a silly example but seriously think to yourself has there ever been an instance were one upping someone has resulted in a positive experience? Well for the asshole it was, because they just stroked their ego in front of everyone and blew a load of smug on their face.

This leads me to my next point, I hate that not a single fuckin person takes me seriously at all. Like I know 99% of you are just thinking I'm a fucking moron right now, well gratz! You are wasting your time reading my stupid shit and ramblings. Who is the real winner now? Obviously I want the attention right that's why I'm putting it on the interwebs. Not exactly true, fucktard. My pen broke when I tried to write this down the first time. And ya know, I'm sure there is at least one person who might find my mind interesting. If you are that person, I love you and you are awesome. Stay that way.

I know I am a badass individual, one that cares, one that loves, and who is fiercely loyal. I am passionate about things I like and don't....wait what am I doing, this is a hate post. That. What I just did. I fucking hate that.

I hate when people look too deeply into what I am saying and twist my words. I have a hard time articulating my thoughts as it is, why does anyone think I have some deeper motive about what I am saying or what I am doing? Being coherent is a struggle enough, ask anyone who has ever heard me talk at length. Hell this right here is an example.

Anal Tremors. I have your attention now? Good so listen real good to this next part...this whole thing is directed at no one. If you are at all offended at anything I said and think this was a direct attack at you, wonderful, you have an ego problem. I am just really angry and letting it all out.

Seriously I did not think at all while writing this, it just kinda happened. Huh....I guess this did help. I'll probably do this again...or not. Fuck.

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